Certification Bodies

Computer knowledge is certainly a prerequisite for most jobs. Having a computer certificate is trying to prove that its holder is not digitally illiterate. Does it accomplish it though?

The situation about Certification Bodies is very different at each country. In most of the cases there aren’t any standards set regarding the difficulty or the quality of the examination, or the examination process.

If you are interested in providing IT certificates and are looking for the creation of a certification body, you will be interested in the following:

The creation of a certification body requires the development of an appropriate examination system. Infolearn can become your most valuable partner, since it has developed the technology that TEST4U uses. This technology has been selected as the most appropriate and has contributed to the creation of 2 out of the 10 certification bodies, recognized by the Greek state in order to provide IT certificates: Certification Bodies DIPLOMA in 2009 and Key-cert in 2006.

These examination systems have been based on TEST4U, therefore they examine the candidates Live in ates questions. This technology demands that TEST4U cooperates with the actual applications so as to offer Live in ates questions; this is how it helps the student practice on the actual applications, the ones installed on the computer.

The technology behind TEST4U is not simulation technology. Simulation technology cannot cooperate with the actual applications. When it comes to simulation technology, the student needs to learn by heart the way that is considered correct, which in fact is the way that the programmer chose to program.

On the contrary, TEST4U can accept any way that the student prefers to use. The technology that TEST4U is based on evaluates the result and not the way. This is how the student learns how to develop his judgment and not just how to learn by heart.

Products for certification bodies

The integrated examination systems developed by infolearn are used by bodies, recognized by the Greek state such as the certification body DIPLOMA (2009), and KeyCert (2006).

infolearn’s integrated examination system consists of the following applications: Admin, Base and Client.

  • Admin is a web application located at the following address: https://www.diploma.edu.gr/admin
  • The Base and Client are stand-alone applications which are installed on the computers of the examination center. Base is installed on a computer which is located outside of the examination class, and Client is installed on all the computers of the examination class.
  • These three applications communicate with each other either via LAN or via internet. The communication is encrypted using the RC4 algorithm. In addition, the communication with the Admin is done via the HTTPS protocol which provides additional security.
  • The examination process begins and ends from Admin.
  • The system has a question database (QDB).
  • All the applications fully support the Greek language or the language that is desired by the body.
  • The system architecture is the following:

system architecture
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