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TEST4U UBER Analytics Test v.3.1 & v.6.16

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The only UBER Analytics preparation Test with in-application questions*

Here is a small sample of our questions:

Calculate in cell J2 the busiest time of the day for the two-week period.

In calculating consider the eyeballs and requests.

Create a line chart in the same sheet depicting these two metrics.

TEST4U UBER Analytics Test v.3.1 & v.6.16

The license plates of the cars in your region consist of three letters and 4 numbers.

In cell B3 calculate the total number of possible plates.

In cell B9 calculate the percentage of all the plate numbers that consist of three consecutive repeat letters and 2 consecutive repeat numbers.

TEST4U UBER Analytics Test v.3.1 & v.6.16

UBER has changed the scene, in public transport. In less than 8 years, it has spread its services to the whole world.

There are thousands of applicants trying to get a job in UBER.
That is why UBER developed an interview system to “thin out the herd”.

This interview process, is quite hard, and an applicant needs all the help he can get to succeed.
The hardest part of this process is the UBER Analytics Test, which in fact is a mathematics test. This test is impossible to complete in the 2-hour time limit an applicant has, without extensive knowledge of Microsoft’s Excel.

The TEST4U team realized that there is a need for a complete Training system for the Uber Analytics Test, so we created the UBER Analytics Test, preparatory course.

It is targeted to people, who have, at least, the basic skills in Excel, and it covers the versions 3.1 & 6.16 of the UBER Analytics test.
If you do not believe you have the needed basic Excel skills, fear not. TEST4U has you covered with our TEST4U Microsoft Excel test course.

It consists of live questions, similar to those an applicant will face during the UBER Analytics Test. This means that the trainee will have to answer these questions, by using the actual Microsoft Excel application. Thus, being more prepared for the actual test.
Each question is accompanied by a brief video lesson, which explains a way to properly answer it.
The course also includes multiple choice questions similar to the ones in the actual test.

Take an online quiz to test your UBER skills.

To answer all these questions a trainee must be accustomed to the way UBER works, and to the specific terminology they use. Three PowerPoint presentations are included with our course to provide you with this invaluable knowledge.

  • One explaining the interview process and what to expect on each of its steps.
  • One explaining all the terminology and the vocabulary found in the UBER Analytics Test.
  • One containing a lot of sample essay questions.
Slideshare presentations. Click to view.

Essay questions are part of UBER Analytics Test, but can also be asked during the face to face interviews.

Since they are essay questions and MUST be answered subjectively, we haven’t included any sample answers to them. If we did, there would be danger of repetition and plagiarism during the test, which would ultimately impact negatively to the applicant’s success.

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Last updated: 24.07.2019
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