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40.000 FREE training video-tutorials for WordPress by TEST4U.

Do you maintain a WordPress site or a blog?

Don’t miss the chance to incorporate more than 40.000 training video-tutorials created by TEST4U!

The new TEST4U plugin allows you to enhance your website with:

  • The entire syllabus of a module such as MOS Word Core 2016
  • A certain category (or categories) of the syllabus such as Manage Tables, Format a Form, etc.
  • A specific video (or videos) such as Rotate the contents of the cell A1 by 45 degrees

Search for TEST4U at WordPress and download the free version of the TEST4U plugin!
or Continue reading for the exciting features of the PRO version.

The PRO Version is here.

The PRO version has the following features:

Feature Free Pro
Free training material (video tutorials)
Add your notes for each video
Include comments in posts
Downloadable practice files for each video
Include student queries
Students can submit practice files (for assessment)

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