infolearn is a dynamic company which is involved in development and promotion of integrated IT solutions and application-specific educational software, founded and operated since 2003 in Thessaloniki.

Infolearn is a dynamic company that operates at the field of developing and promoting integrated IT solutions and specialized training software applications. Infolearn has been operating in Thessaloniki since 2003, when it was founded.

founders of infolearn 

Since 2003, infolearn with TEST4U has innovated at the Greek and international level, has cooperated with top IT magazines, has participated in dozens of exhibitions and presentations, while, at the same time, it has contributed to organizations by participating in events, in the social responsibility framework.

February 2016
The new TEST4U edition 13.3.0 is out. Including 110 new questions for the New Ecdl Syllabus.
As always we didn' t confine ourselves to the creation of simple multiple choice questions. We also created in-ates (live) questions for the better familiarization of the candidates.
The candidates should be in a position to respond to simple, almost daily, activities.
For this reason we created WEB4U. A Social Network & New Technology Educational Platform, which consists of replicas from well-known social media, applications and technologies, such as:
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Instant Messaging
  • Antivirus
  • Safely remove USB devices
  • Online hotel and airline tickets booking using PayPal as payment
  • Rss
  • Newsletter
  • Forum
Infolearn created WEB4U-Social Network & New Technology Educational Platform, to provide extra tools. This way:
  1. The candidates are better prepared for the examination and are more likely to achieve the required result
  2. Infolearn is showing its appreciation for the trust you are showing TEST4U and the people behind it
  3. It clearly states, that the only thing left for the competition to line up against the technological superiority of TEST4U, is the lower acquisition cost
January 2016
TEST4U got you always covered, because it is all-weather and all-certification body.
Download the new edition, with a lot of new questions.
700 000 candidates since 2003.
Thank you

PC MAGAZINE Greece is celebrating its 15 years.
We wish Happy Birthday.
In its anniversary issue, it offers generous gifts to its readers: TEST4U, and CERT4U video-lessons subscriptions
December 2015
TEST4U - Microsoft Office 2016
The #1 preparatory software conquered yet another peak.
MS-Office 2016
Climb up with us.

ExpertIN Kavala
Awarding diplomas and scholarships 2015
Kavala's Dioikitirio Auditorium
Sunday, 13 December 2015 at 18:00

Two Greek companies made the difference
Greek software TEST4U was used in 48 countries for learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL during the European CodeWeek

DIPLOMA, the only certification body to award certified diplomas for Windows 10 - MS Office 2016 - Apache OpenOffice - LibreOffice
November 2015
Top professionals recommend TEST4U
Review their opinion.
We appreciate it.
October 2015
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Mr. Stelios Lambropoulos, guest at ΠΑΡΑΜΥΘΟΥΠΟΛΗ during the European CodeWeek.

The Greek proposal for the European CodeWeek
I learn to CODE
TEST4U, available to both English and Greek, will help you, to familiarize with coding.
You will be asked to edit the code of simple games, watch and share the results with friends and family.
You will learn to code. We have created a collection of lessons for beginners, which will help you learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.

I change the Pong game code.
This is how the G(r)eeks code
‪#‎codeEU ‬ ‪#‎codeweek

Learn by DOING vs Learn by watching
Recent research comes to verify what Confucius said many years ago: "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Carnegie Mellon University’s research proves that students may benefit up to six times more by interactive activities than by Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) (read the full article…/150914220526.htm).
September 2015
We wish you a good Academic Year!
The new, edition of TEST4U for Microsoft Windows 10 is out and includes the required educational tools, with the undisputed quality of Infolearn.
Upgrade to the latest Microsoft Windows 10 and provide modern education, with TEST4U, the only educational tool, that covers the latest versions.
Microsoft offers Windows 10 as free upgrade for users of Windows 7, 8, 8.1. This means that the majority of the users will take advantage of the offer.
Differentiate from the competition. Stop teaching obsolete technology.
Start the academic year, providing renewed educational services, using the latest software.
TEST4U has reached more than 700.000 satisfied users.
We appreciate the trust you are showing us and we continue offering innovative and quality services.
Thank you.
July 2015
Skills Assessment Software - 13 reasons to start using it now
What are the Benefits of Employee Skills Assessment Software?.
High employee turnover is one of the most expensive aspects of running a business.
June 2015
Recruit, retain and develop talented, hard-skilled staff
Presentation by Mr. Stelios Lambropoulos, co-founder of infolearn.
HR in Aciton 2015.
Athens, June 30th 2015.
May 2015
Your Samsung Smart TV has just become more interesting!
The first educational application for Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, applications development in programming environment and many other applications for Samsung Smart TV has arrived and it is Greek!
Install TEST4U on your Samsung Smart TV and practise for free in Greek, English and German.
Counting more than 700.000 satisfied users, TEST4U continues to offer innovative services.
Thank you
Digital means of education.
12th International Book Fair Thessaloniki 2015.
March 2015
The new version of TEST4U supports Google Docs and offers Live in-ates questions for the applications Docs, Sheets and Slides.
The second innovation refers to the fact that TEST4U requires no installation.
Visit the following pages and practice on Google Docs test, Google Sheets test, Google Slides test.
You don’t need to have an account at Google Docs, neither install TEST4U.

Google Docs Test
Google Sheets Test
Google Slides Test
February 2015
The #1 Technology magazine worldwide offers to the readers of the issue of February 2015 video-lessons and preparation test with TEST4U for the module of Internet & Εmail.
January 2015
The #1 Technology magazine worldwide offers to the readers of the issue of January 2015 video-lessons and preparation test with TEST4U for the module of MS-Excel.
December 2014
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TEST4U participated in Thessaloniki Job Festival 2014. Here, Thessaloniki Mayor mr Boutaris visits our kiosk.
The #1 Technology magazine worldwide offers to the readers of the issue of December 2014 video-lessons and preparation test with TEST4U for the module of MS-Word.
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The award for the first certificate in MS Office 2013. The event took place in Kavala and was organized by the cooperating Examination Center ExpertIN.
October 2014
TEST4U was used during the Europe Code Week by more than 50.000 students and by more than 41 countries.

The younger and the older children typed more than 1.000.000 (one million) lines of code.

The Europe Code Week is over, but children keep learning how to code.
The statements of Mrs Vasiliki Nikolettou, the Deputy Mayor for Education Culture, Youth and Lifelong Learning in Kalamaria, about the events of the Europe Code Week which were organized at the municipal libraries of the municipality of Kalamaria in cooperation with DIPLOMA Certification Body ( και το TEST4U (
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TEST4U organized 5 events at the municipal libraries of the municipality of Kalamaria during the Europe Code Week.
February 2014
Mr. Lambropoulos was interviewed by the television channel of the International Exhibition Learntec (
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TEST4U takes part in the International Exhibition Learntec ( for the second time. The multilingual version of the TEST4U platform was presented.
July 2013
The first examination on LibreOffice globally takes place in Thessaloniki. The software used is TEST4U.
May 2013
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Mr. Lambropoulos was invited by IEK Xini so as to talk over "Social Networks and labor market"
February 2013
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TEST4U takes part in the International Exhibition Learntec ( where it presents solutions for the evaluation of personnel and students.
October 2012
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TEST4U takes part in the global conference of LibreOffice 2012 in Berlin. The only software that operates with the actual application of LibreOffice in order to assess personnel and prepare the students was presented.
April 2012
TEST4U and the strategic partner DIPLOMA Certification Body are sponsors of the 6th Panhellenic Conference of "Didactics of Informatics".
TEST4U and the strategic partner DIPLOMA Certification Body are sponsors of the event organized by the Society for Mental Health and Social Rehabilitation of Patients.
September 2010
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The presentation of DIPLOMA Certification Body in Athens. The examination system of DIPLOMA Certification Body is based on TEST4U.
August 2010

Presentation of DIPLOMA Certification Body and the examination system which is based on TEST4U, in Thessaloniki.
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March 2008
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TEST4U is sold in various selling points.
November 2006
The presentation in Thessaloniki of Key-cert Certification Body, the examination system of which is based on TEST4U.
April 2005

PC Magazine, the #1 Technology Magazine worldwide, includes TEST4U Special Edition for the next four modules, in the April 2005 issue.
March 2005

PC Magazine, the #1 Technology Magazine worldwide offers to the readers of the issue of March 2005 TEST4U Special Edition for the first three modules.
January 2005
The special edition of TEST4U was presented at the conference of Cambridge-Vellum in Athens and Thessaloniki.
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July 2004
The First Presentation of TEST4U at Loutraki.