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New E.C.D.L. - I.C.D.L.

TEST4U is the only software which can help you train, develop your knowledge with exercises and complete tests which cover 100% the syllabus for Computer Aided Design software AutoCAD 2D & AutoCAD 3D and acquire a prestigious computer certificate with high recognition.

TEST4U includes test and exercises especially designed so as to cover the syllabus for computer certification acquisition or renewal. You will remain completely satisfied with the approach that the questions are designed, because the exercises are adjusted to the certification examinations of various Certification Bodies (e.g. DIPLOMA, ECDL-ICDL, Microsoft Certiport, Cambridge If your knowledge is limited, we propose that, prior to practicing at TEST4U, you should watch the online video-lessons (e-courses) for each module.

TEST4U offers Live in ates questions these applications. This means that you will train at the actual application and not any simulation [?]. Training at the actual application is very important because:
  1. You will be familiarized with the actual application environment
  2. You will be fully prepared for the demanding labor market
  3. You will be familiarized with the certification examination environment. It is important to be examined on the actual application and not a simulation (the examination process of DIPLOMA Certification Body requires cooperation with the actual application and not any simulation software). Keep in mind that TEST4U covers 100% the syllabus of most Certification Bodies.

TEST4U is intended for professional and private use. TEST4U constitutes the ideal solution for computer schools and companies that need to train and evaluate personnel because it can guarantee a high quality education and at the same time success at the certification examinations.

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