Your search for GMetrix, MeasureUp and Sophia alternatives has come to an end.

TEST4U is the ultimate in-ates preparation software:

  • For certification examinations
  • For learning an application and training
This is why more than 700.000 users have trusted us since 2003.

TEST4U GMetrix MeasureUp Cloud Sophia
Categorized Questions
Scenario-Based Questions
Random Question Sets
Benchmark & Final Assessment Test (free) (from $85)
Questions over 20,000
about 300 per module
about 100 per module 140 per module
Syllabus Coverage
Microsoft MOS 2019 / 365
Microsoft MOS 2016 100% 100% 100%
E.C.D.L. ver. 6.0 100% 100%
IC3 GS5 (all 3 modules) 100% 100%
Microsoft Office
Works on MS-Office
///// ///// /////
OpenOffice, LibreOffice
Web Development
PRICE From $29 From $40 From $ 179
100% available partially available not available not applicable

Last updated May 2019

TEST4U is addressed to Educational Institutions as well.

It incorporates many useful features.

to find out how TEST4U will help your educational institution.

Overview of Administrator features:

  • Access to a wide range of statistics (detailed reports about scores for every student)
  • Create/manage accounts for every student
  • Assign time for training at each student for each module
  • Remote access for administrative purposes
  • Upload your educational material
  • White Label Branding
  • Remote access for students (optional)
  • Create your own assessment question sets/tests
  • Create your own closed type questions
  • Students’ Questions
  • Class formation
  • Students receive Medallions

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