Visit the rebetiko.en.test4u.eu web site through the current Internet Explorer window. Locate Vasilis Tsitsanis photo and save it to the IL-ates\Files folder of your desktop as tsitsanis.jpg. Use the Microsoft Access application to open the IL-ates9001 file located in the IL-ates\OO_Base folder on your desktop. Create a new query named a1 based on the Customers table that will display only the CustomersCode, Name and Surname fields.

Set Kentro as Area field criterion and apply sorting by CustomersCode in descending order. Run the a1 query and export its data to a file named a1.html(using Calc) in the

IL-ates\Files folder on your desktop.

Close the Base application. Use the Microsoft Word application to open the

IL-ates9001.odt file located in the IL-ates\OO_Writer folder of your desktop. Delete the text beginning with the phrase INFOWhat is the only computer school... until the end of the document.

Save this document as tables.odt to the IL-ates\Files folder of your desktop. Insert the contents of the a1.html file you have just created under the existing text and the tsitsanis.jpg photo at the end of the document. Save the document and close the Writer application.

Use the already open mail application to create a new email message with the subject Tables and attach the tables.odt file. Send the message to the info@infolearn.gr email address.