Technology Quiz

1. Your kid is having a birthday party and you want to create an invitation giving it a more personal touch.
You chose a very convenient and fast solution, but not much of a personal touch. You could have used Word and create an invitation that you kid would remember for his whole life. TEST4U can show you how.
Very good choice but a rather expensive one. Plus, the personal touch is more that of the graphics designer than it is yours. You could have used Word and create your own invitation. They might not be so professional, but they would be yours. Let TEST4U help you with that.
Excellent choice. A professional look which has some personal touches from you. And the main thing is that it requires minimum knowledge of Word that you can easily acquire if you don't already have. TEST4U can assist you.
A really personal touch. It might not be perfect, but it is something you can be proud of. If you are not confident you can make it, worry not. TEST4U and practice can help you there. Before you know it, you will be able to make such invitations faster than brewing coffee.
2. You want to send the above invitation to 30 friends of your kid and invite them to the party.
Lots of pen work but your kid is worth it. If only there was a faster way? Well there is. Word and Outlook can help you with this. And TEST4U can help you with them.
You are really a big spender when it comes to your kid. Wouldn't it be great though if you could save dome of those money and gain some bonding time with your child at the same time? Creating and printing all those invitation with your kid not only enhances creativity but it also gives you some hours you'll always remember. Word and Outlook can help you with this. And TEST4U can help you with them.
Creative but also time consuming. There are so many ways to save time using Word with Outlook. TEST4U can help you with them.
You are a Pro. If you are comfortable doing that you have mastered a big part of mail merging in Word. If you are not or if you want to know how much more you can do with Word, TEST4U can help you.
You are a Pro and have also did your part to save the environment. You avoid printing all those invitations and envelopes. If you are comfortable doing that you have mastered a big part of mail merging in Word. If you are not or if you want to know how much more you can do with Word, TEST4U can help you.
3. Lately you are leaking money. You think it is a good idea to record all your monthly income and expenses to find the leakage and stop it.
Viable solution but keep in mind that you won't be able to sort or search your data. And be careful to not loose that notepad. Wouldn't it be great if you could have all those numbers in digital form grouped per category and date? This way you could easily pinpoint the main reason for all these expenses. Excel can help you with this, and TEST4U can help you with Excel.
These can do the trick. But wouldn't it be better to be able to use all these digital data to create some charts or analyze them further. Excel can do this in your PC and it has an online version you can use from your phone to insert the data wherever you are. You can them edit them in the desktop version and from then on you can do almost anything you need with them. If you don't know how to use the desktop version of Excel don't worry, TEST4U has your back.
This will work. Spotting the leakage will be easy. It will probably be the expert you just paid for something you could do yourself. Using Excel can be easy and fun if you have someone to show you the ropes. TEST4U can do that, and so much more.
You have nailed it. You might be interested in something more. For example, to add you credit card balance or your savings account transactions and combine all that data into a financial analysis of your household. If you don't know exactly how TEST4U is here for you.
4. You are a proud parent. The soccer team of your little ones is advancing through the ranks of the junior league. If only there was a way to have the team ranking and player statistics in those neat tables, that the sport sites use. You could easily collect the data from either the other parents or the coaches of every team, but then what?
Get ready for a lot of work. Work you will have to repeat after each match too. Statistics, is where computers shine, and Excel can help you do all these and so much more. It can be easy to learn how to use it too. Just try TEST4U and find out yourself how this learning process can be easy and fun.
You should put your name on their shirts. With the money you will be spending you can easily be one of their main sponsors. They could put this money in better use buying training equipment instead. You could save all that money do it yourself. You do not need a whiz, but you do need a computer and Excel. Don't worry if you do not know what Excel is or how to use it. TEST4U is here to help you learn. And it is the champion in this.
You are in the right track, but wouldn't it be great to avoid that calculator and automate most of your work? Start using Excel. These stuff is for what it was made for. It might seem to you too hard to learn but worry not. Learning with the help of TEST4U is not only easy, it is also fun.
Spot on. This where Excel shines. If you want to take it a notch further, you could create some sharable workbooks to pass to the coaches and the other parents and have all those data linked to your workbook. You can then just sit back and watch the table and the charts literally create themselves. If the above seem a bit hard for you don't worry. TEST4U has an expert version for you to be able to learn all those extreme features Excel has.
5. You have just created your first email account. You have now all your email messages shown in Outlook. You have even added a few events in your calendar (actually, they were created in your phone and you have just seen that they appeared in outlook as well). It would be cool to have in this calendar all your activities. From your kid's music lesson to your work appointments and to the due dates of your phone bill.
You are almost half way there. Why not give it a try and discover the world of possibilities Outlook has to offer to you. TEST4U can help you with this.
There are a lot of ways to avoid crowding those appointments. Give Outlook some of your time and you will be rewarded. TEST4U can be there for you when you need it.
Way to go. Of course, Outlook can do so much more. If you care to find out what TEST4U can help you.
You have mastered most of the functionality of the Calendar. Do you know how to share or publish your calendar and how to invite your contacts to events? If not, then there still some stuff to learn. TEST4U is useful both for basic and advanced users.
6. It has been a while now that you have moved all your communications online. No more letters. But you now have hundreds of contacts and you need to find some way to organize them. It is becoming harder and harder to find the one you need.
You have already done the harder part. To categorize your contacts and discover what lese Outlook has to offer is the fun part. Give it a chance. TEST4U will be there for you.
That is a step to the right direction. But there are tons of ways to save time using Outlook. TEST4U can help you find them.
Well that must have been a party to remember. But there may be more that Outlook can do for you. Care to let TEST4U help you discover them?
Easy indeed. But categorizing emails based on their sender is easy as well. Outlook is a tool can impress you even when you believe you have seen everything it can give you. TEST4U can help discover all those little secrets.
7. So, you have noticed this slideshow at your neighbor's with pictures of her children and you really like it!
Ehr, you probably need to have an update about the technology advances. Things are much simpler than what you believe. It only takes a few training courses, before you are ready to work miracles!
Someone who is familiar with a few technology tools is not always the best choice. Familiarization might be the result of personal experimentation and not some systematic training, so there will be skills gaps. Start training with professional guidance and you will soon be able to make presentations of high esteem!
Well done! You know the extra features of PowerPoint and you are in position to use them! If you feel like it, move on to the next level, to keep impressing those around you!
8. The time has come for the annual review meeting in the company where you work. How did your department go?
Congratulations! You already know the different options and tools of technology and you use them to improve your productivity. Do not hesitate to improve your skills even further, so that your job can become easier! TEST4U PowerPoint Expert is the ideal package to go for!
The good thing is that you already know that you don't know how to use PowerPoint very well. So, what's left is to find out how to learn it better, so that you can work more effectively and with better results. Select a PowerPoint TEST4U package for the basic level, so as to brush up your skills and gain even more new skills!
You are probably left untouched by the possibilities opened before you by technology. You don't want to put any effort, however, deep inside you, you know that you need to learn how to operate PowerPoint. Don't worry! The ideal solution for you is TEST4U for the basic level. Training with TEST4U is a piece of cake and you will become proficient before you even realize it!