TEST4U File Server installation instructions

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TEST4U File Server installation instructions

Post by KorniliosAmpatzis » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:02 am

First you have to download TEST4U File Server from the Downloads page of your panel:

Then install TEST4U File server using the file you have just downloaded.

The machine where TEST4U File server is installed needs to:
  • have internet access.
  • be in the same network with the rest of the machines in your institution and communicate with them (use the ping command from a command prompt window)
  • be run with administrator privileges.
If the TEST4U workstation cannot find the TEST4U file server and you are sure you have followed the above to the letter then you may need some additional steps:
  • Make sure that your antivirus or any other security software allow the TEST4U file server to communicate with the other machines (add TEST4U file server do their exception list).
  • TEST4U file server automatically adds a firewall rule to allow inbound connections for itself through its designated port (default port is 4010).
    Sometimes this process is blocked and you may need to add the rules manually.
    • So add Firewall rules to allow inbound connections for the TEST4U_File_Server.exe found in the installation folder of TEST4U File server.
    • Also add a rule to allow inbound connections to the port you have selected (default port is 4010)
    • If the connection issues remain then it could be that some other software is using the default port. Try to change it to something higher (over 10000) to be sure that nothing else uses the port.

How to change the default port

To change the port you have to stop the TEST4U file server (from its interface - File server tab) and then type the new port number and start the server again. You might need to add the port rule (see above) again.

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