Certify Yourself!

TEST4U in collaboration with DIPLOMA Certification Body gives you the opportunity to certify your knowledge and skills, by taking part in the examination procedure from your own place!

Reasons to choose a certification from your own place

  • Flexibility
    You can be examined at the comfort of your place, on your own computer, without having to move to the nearest examination center and without having to adjust to the software version that is installed at the examination center and the special settings.
  • Certificates by a Recognized Certification Body
    The certificates issued by TEST4U in collaboration with DIPLOMA Certification Body are the only on-line certificates issued by a Greek Recognized Certification Body. The validity and reliability of a certificate by a Recognized Certification Body are definitely superior compared to a simple attendance certificate.
  • Advanced level Certificates
    Apart from the basic level certificates, TEST4U in collaboration with DIPLOMA Certification Body issues advanced level certificates.
  • Immediate notification to the employer
    Your current or your future employer will have immediate and reliable information by DIPLOMA, concerning your performance, provided that you choose so. Keep in mind that this can be a strong point, which can make the difference between your application and another candidate’s for the same job.
  • Scenario-Based Examination
    The exams for the certificate acquisition are scenario-based and automated. A complete document is presented to a candidate, who is asked to create an identical one (e.g. at the office suit examinations) or the candidate is asked to write or correct code (e.g. at PHP, MySQL, e.tc. examinations). These questions simulate the actual working conditions and require the complete assimilation of the syllabus.
  • Contemporary Working Environment Demands
    The examination which takes place through Live in-ates questions is oriented towards covering the requirements of the contemporary working environment. It demands assimilation of the syllabus and critical thinking. You can learn more information about Live in-ates here.
  • Low-cost Certificates
    The certificates issued by TEST4U in collaboration with DIPLOMA Certification Body are low-cost. Even if you need to retake the exam, the total cost is still significantly lower than most certificates.

In order to acquire your certificate it is necessary to take part in the examination procedure. The certificate you will receive by DIPLOMA Certification Body –as opposed to simple attendance certificates provided after the completion of a video-lesson by the various training organizations– is a certificate of successful participation in the exams.

You can take part in the examination for the certificate acquisition for the subjects you are interested in. The examination will take place at your computer and requires constant internet connection and uninterrupted surveillance by a web-cam during the procedure, to reassure the validity.

You can be examined at the following subjects:

  • Windows
  • MS-Office
  • Internet Explorer
  • Outlook Express
  • Windows Mail
  • Windows Live Mail
  • OpenOffice
  • LibreOffice
  • CAD
  • Joomla!
  • Interactive Board
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL

For further information, please contact us.