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2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Greek version

Ultimo aggiornamento: 11 Dec 2019
Rely on TEST4U because it offers:
  • Variety - 190 exercises for
  • Training Hours - Purchase hours for practice according to your individual needs
  • Unlimited Tests - No limit to the times a question runs, unlike competitive software
  • Classification - Distinct subcategories ?
  • Feedback - Immediate evaluation of answers ?
  • Help - Incorporated Video-solutions ?
  • Plenitude - It covers 100% the certification syllabus
  • Adequacy - Same environment as the exams’
  • Flexibility - Practice on any Computer
  • Updates - Access to updated version

For Individuals

Do you need to acquire a computer certificate, or to renew an existing expired one? Are you interested in improving your knowledge and skills about computers? You can achieve it by using TEST4U from the convenience of your home!

Cosa dicono di noi i nostri clienti
Cosa dicono di noi i nostri clienti


For Enterprises

If your job is about computer education, then you stand just one step away from providing the best possible services! If you represent an educational institution, a business, or work as a public servant and you are interested in teaching the use of Computer Aided Design with CAD 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 2D, then you must use the most popular learning program for software.

What does TEST4U offer?

You can practice at basic functions, object editing e.tc. With the 185 Live in ates and 5 Quiz questions which will help you learn and assess the knowledge, as well as obtain a computer certification and become familiar with the examination process.

TEST4U includes test and exercises especially designed so as to cover the syllabus for computer certification acquisition or renewal. You will remain completely satisfied with the approach that the questions are designed, because the exercises are adjusted to the certification examinations of various Certification Bodies (e.g. DIPLOMA, ECDL-ICDL, Microsoft Certiport, Cambridge e.tc.).

It covers 100% the syllabus of DIPLOMA Certification Body (DIPLOMA 2D CAD Designer) and the Certifications Bodies Ecdl Icdl.

If your knowledge is limited, we propose that, prior to practicing at TEST4U, you should watch the online video-lessons (e-courses) for each module.

Requisiti minimi di sistema
CPU: Pentium? 4 (or newer)
RAM: 512ΜΒ +
Hard disk free space: 1-10GB
Minimum screen resolution: 1280x720 (size of text, apps and other items 100%)

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (updated with newer service pack)
Internet Explorer 7.0+
AutoCAD (Fully functional) must be installed
Continuous Internet connection is required
Ultimo aggiornamento: 11 Dec 2019
Programma di studio
Questo prodotto copre il seguente programma. Puoi vedere le sezioni coperte e il numero di domande facendo clic su ciascuna scheda.
  185 5 190
SEZIONE 1Βασικές λειτουργίες 1 DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 18 4 22
SEZIONE 2Βασικές λειτουργίες 2 DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 22 0 22
SEZIONE 3Επεξεργασία Αντικείμενων 1 DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 22 0 22
SEZIONE 4Επεξεργασία Αντικείμενων 2 DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 25 0 25
SEZIONE 5Επεξεργασία Αντικείμενων 3 DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 25 0 25
SEZIONE 6Κείμενα και διαστάσεις DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 26 0 26
SEZIONE 8Στρώσεις Διαστάσεις και Διαγραμμίσεις DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 21 1 22

TEST4U premium quality
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