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77-730 Microsoft Office Specialist Access Core 2016
German version

Rely on TEST4U because it offers:
  • Variety - 368 exercises for
  • Training Hours - Purchase hours for practice according to your individual needs
  • Unlimited Tests - No limit to the times a question runs, unlike competitive software
  • Classification - Distinct subcategories ?
  • Feedback - Immediate evaluation of answers ?
  • Help - Incorporated Video-solutions ?
  • Plenitude - It covers 100% the certification syllabus
  • Adequacy - Same environment as the exams’
  • Flexibility - Practice on any Computer
  • Multi-Project Questions
  • Challenging Questions (Beyond MOS Syllabus)
  • Prerequisites (Before MOS Syllabus)
  • Updates - Access to updated version

Interested in 77-730 MOS Access 2016 Exam?

Here is everything you need. TEST4U will empower your knowledge, train you on the latest version of Microsoft Access 2016 and prepare you for the Certiport, Microsoft Office Specialist Access Exam 77-730. The exam-focused training that TEST4U provides will allow you to feel confident while sitting the exam.

The 77-730 Exam requires a fundamental understanding of the Access environment and the ability to complete tasks independently. The new multiple project format includes the understanding of basic database design principles as well as the correct application of the principle features of Access 2016. This includes the ability to create and maintain basic Access database objects including tables, relationships, data entry forms, multi-level reports, and multi-table queries.

The purpose of the multiple smaller projects format is to enhance the learning process, by providing stronger assessment tools. The revised exam instructions are designed in order to avoid command and function names, in order to assure a deeper understanding of the program functionality.

According to Certiport official guidelines: “...MOS 2016 certification exams introduce a new performance-based format for improved testing of a candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities using the MOS 2016 programs:

  • MOS 2016 exam task instructions generally do not include the command name as in previous versions. For example, function names are avoided, and are replaced with descriptors. This means candidates must understand the purpose and common usage of the program functionality in order to successfully complete the tasks in each of the projects.
  • The MOS 2016 exam format incorporates multiple projects.”

Cosa dicono di noi i nostri clienti
Cosa dicono di noi i nostri clienti


What does TEST4U offer?

TEST4U Test is an interactive educational tool, customized to meet your personal learning demands. During the media-rich TEST4U experience you will become proficient in using MS Access, the famous and flexible Database Application of the most well-known office suite, with the greatest variety of features.

TEST4U Test contains:

  • Multiple Project Questions (MOS Syllabus - new 2016 format)
  • 351 Live in ates Questions
  • 17 Ερωτήσεις Quiz

TEST4U Test is not another e-Course. It’s so much more. You are not just asked to attend a video-lesson, with or without multiple choice questions. You participate in an interactive process, where you need to perform a series of actions the result of which is evaluated by TEST4U. If your knowledge of a topic is limited, you can watch our video-solutions and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Our TEST4U Module provides educational material (exercises, tests) that will help you know how to Create and Manage a Database, Build Tables, Create Queries, Create Forms, Create Reports and much more. Advance your career by upgrading your skills to the new MS Access 2016.

Our years of classroom training experience and teaching techniques have been incorporated in TEST4U. As a result, TEST4U Test contains exercises adjusted to the certification examinations of various Certification Bodies (e.g. Certiport). It covers 100% the syllabus of Certiport Certification Body (Exam 77730).

TEST4U provides access to the latest updated version of the TEST4U module you selected, all features included (new questions, updates e.tc.).

Test che contiene test ed esercizi per la pratica.

Ultimo aggiornamento: 03 Mar 2019
Requisiti minimi di sistema
CPU: Pentium® 4 (or newer)
RAM: 512ΜΒ +
Hard disk free space: 1-10GB
Minimum screen resolution: 1280x720 (size of text, apps and other items 100%)

Operating system: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (updated with newer service pack - Region Format: German (Germany))
Internet Explorer: 10+
MS Office Access 2016 - German Version (Fully Functional) must be installed - There must be only one version installed
Continuous Internet connection is required
Programma di studio
Questo prodotto copre il seguente programma. Puoi vedere le sezioni coperte e il numero di domande facendo clic su ciascuna scheda.
Microsoft Office Specialist 2016
  351 17 368
SEZIONE 1Voraussetzungen (unterhalb der MOS-Lernziele) DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 12 4 16
1.0. Erstellen und Verwalten einer Datenbank 94 11 105
SEZIONE 1 1.1. Erstellen und Bearbeiten von Datenbanken DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 9 4 13
SEZIONE 2 1.2. Verwalten von Beziehungen und Schlüsseln DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 19 7 26
SEZIONE 3 1.3. Navigieren in einer Datenbank DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 33 0 33
SEZIONE 4 1.4. Datenbanken schützen und pflegen DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 7 0 7
SEZIONE 5 1.5. Drucken und Exportieren von Daten DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 26 0 26
2.0. Build-Tabellen 84 1 85
SEZIONE 1 2.1. Tabellen erstellen DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 12 0 12
SEZIONE 2 2.2. Tabellen verwalten DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 13 0 13
SEZIONE 3 2.3. Verwalten von Datensätzen in Tabellen DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 19 0 19
SEZIONE 4 2.4. Erstellen und Ändern von Feldern DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 40 1 41
3.0. Erstellen von Abfragen 69 1 70
SEZIONE 1 3.1. Erstellen einer Abfrage DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 28 1 29
SEZIONE 2 3.2. Ändern einer Anfrage DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 30 0 30
SEZIONE 3 3.3 Erstellen von berechneten Feldern und Gruppierungen innerhalb von Abfragen DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 11 0 11
4.0. Erstellen von Formularen 51 0 51
SEZIONE 1 4.1. Erstellen eines Formulars DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 8 0 8
SEZIONE 2 4.2. Konfigurieren von Formularsteuerelementen DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 29 0 29
SEZIONE 3 4.3. Formatieren eines Formulars DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 14 0 14
5.0. Erstellen von Berichten 39 0 39
SEZIONE 1 5.1. Erstellen eines Berichts DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 8 0 8
SEZIONE 2 5.2. Konfigurieren von Berichtsteuerelementen DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 14 0 14
SEZIONE 3 5.3. Formatieren eines Berichts DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 17 0 17
Multi-Projekt-Fragen (wie bei MOS 2016-Prüfung) 2 0 2

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