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TEST4U Excel Advanced Features and Functions
English version

Ultimo aggiornamento: 29 Aug 2020
Rely on TEST4U because it offers:
  • Variety - 281 exercises for
  • Help - 274 incorporated Video Solutions?, a unique one for each Question
  • Training Hours - Purchase hours for practice according to your individual needs
  • Unlimited Tests - No limit to the times a question runs, unlike competitive software
  • Classification - Distinct subcategories ?
  • Feedback - Immediate evaluation of answers ?
  • Plenitude - It covers 100% the certification syllabus
  • Adequacy - Same environment as the exams’
  • Flexibility - Practice on any Computer
  • Updates - Access to updated version
  • More than 700.000 candidates have trusted TEST4U since 2003

Excel’s main arsenal is its functions which cover every personal or business need.

TEST4U is offering to you the chance to acquire the skills that you need to use them, teaching you a few more of Excel advanced features in the process.

We have equipped TEST4U with the following, to help you acquire these valuable skills:

  • Error Solving functions
  • Text functions
  • Mathematical functions
  • Logical functions
  • Date and Time functions
  • Lookup functions
  • Financial functions
  • Statistical functions
  • In addition, we have included a chapter for the use of the What-if tools of Excel and the Solver add-in, along with a chapter for some basic knowledge on Data Analysis.

If you want to dive in more into Data Analysis check out our Data Analysis product.

Cosa dicono di noi i nostri clienti
Cosa dicono di noi i nostri clienti


How TEST4U works

TEST4U Test is an interactive, highly customizable tool that meets your personal learning needs. During the media-rich TEST4U experience, you will amplify your understanding of MS Excel, the most famous and flexible spreadsheet software, part of the Microsoft Office Suite.

TEST4U Test will help you improve your skills because it contains:

  • 274 Live in ates Questions
  • 7 Quiz Questions

Instead of being just another e-lesson with a few multiple-choice questions, TEST4U Test makes the difference! The questions it contains require actual tasks to be performed. For each question, you are asked to take some actions, which TEST4U will evaluate. Much like the actual working conditions: you can’t make educated guesses! To answer correctly, you must know which buttons to use.

If your knowledge of a topic is limited, you can watch our video-solutions which guide you step-by-step.

Need Online Video Lectures?

TEST4U has created an online video course with 48 lectures of approximately 5 hours duration in total.
The tools we will use to achieve our learning goals are:

  • Detailed lectures for each function with at least 2 examples. The Excel files of each lecture will be available for download as supplementary resources.
  • Assignments for each function with a video solution for each one. And ...
  • This is the game changer…We will offer free access to the most innovative training concept. The TEST4U training system. It is an irreplaceable tool that provides you with a hands-on interactive way of learning. It consists of dozens of exercises that are automatically graded helping you learn by getting your hands dirty.

It consists of 5 chapters.
In the first part we will deal with some advanced general knowledge along with some good to know excel features.
Next, we will go on a quest to find the best and most versatile lookup function.
Then we have two chapters, one financial and one statistical. We explain how Excel helps us make our lives easier in both those fields.
Finally, we will proceed into data analysis where we will introduce you to power pivot and pivot tables.

Try how TEST4U works.

Requisiti minimi di sistema
CPU: Pentium® 4 (or newer)
RAM: 512ΜΒ +
Hard disk free space: 1-10GB
Minimum screen resolution: 1280x720 (size of text, apps and other items 100%)

Operating system: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (updated with newer service pack - Region Format: English (United States))
Internet Explorer: 10+
MS Office Excel 2016 or 2013 - English Version (Fully Functional) must be installed - There must be only one version installed
Continuous Internet connection is required
Ultimo aggiornamento: 29 Aug 2020
Programma di studio
Questo prodotto copre il seguente programma. Puoi vedere le sezioni coperte e il numero di domande facendo clic su ciascuna scheda.
  274 7 281
What-if tools and Solver Add-in 19 0 19
SEZIONE 1 What-if tools DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 10 0 10
Error Solving 14 0 14
Text functions 16 0 16
Mathematical Functions 26 0 26
Logical functions 23 0 23
Date and Time functions 19 0 19
Lookup functions 13 0 13
Financial Functions 48 0 48
Statistical functions 46 0 46
Array Formulas 6 0 6
Cube Functions 5 7 12
Data Analysis 39 0 39
SEZIONE 1 PivotTables and slicers DOMANDA DI CAMPIONE 20 0 20

TEST4U premium quality
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