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Train & Assess your employees

Who else is looking for new personnel?
Well, that’s easy to answer: Everyone.

Who’s going to hire the good ones?
He who knows how to assess them properly.

Day by day the established mentality that soft skills are the only factor to assess, has started to become less acute and more adaptable so as to include the assessment of hard skill in many cases.

Decisions are made easier when countable data is involved. That’s why we have developed a number of in-application tests, so as to help you narrow down your pool of candidates and decide based on countable metrics.

In-application testing is much more than multiple-choice testing. It creates the working conditions and allows for no lucky guesses. It is the one method to guarantee that your candidate answered based on skills instead of picking a random choice.

Pick up your annual Assessment plan

Assessments (Tests)
  • Predefined Tests
  • Unlimited Custom Sets Development
  • Analytics Reports
  • €9 per Assessment
Assessments (Tests)
  • Predefined Tests
  • Custom Questions Development
  • Unlimited Custom Sets Development
  • Analytics Reports
  • €8 per Assessment
Assessments (Tests)
  • Predefined Tests
  • Custom Questions Development
  • Unlimited Custom Sets Development
  • Analytics Reports
  • €7 per Assessment
  • Predefined or Custom Tests
  • Custom Questions Development
  • Unlimited Custom sets development
  • Analytics Reports
  • Price is defined upon specific needs. Contact us!

For all subscriptions:

  • Option to deliver the assessments at a remote location. Contact us for details and charges.
  • Technical Support via Ticket System ↦ Phone Support
  • All subscriptions are valid for 12-months
  • White labelling option at a fixed one-time fee of €500

Take a sample assessment now

Try the TEST4U Assessment platform before you decide to rely upon it.
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TEST4U Assessment platform - request a customized training and assessment solution.

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Send an evaluation now

1. Select the software at which you want your skills or someone else’s skills to be evaluated:

2. Enter the email where the evaluation will be sent:

3. Enter the email where the evaluation results will be sent:

4. After the evaluation you will have access to the results and statistics of the candidates. See a preview.

-if you choose HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP ή MySQL, you don’t need to install anything. The evaluation will be conducted in a web interface.
-if you choose any other application (e.g. MS-Excel), then this application needs to be installed on the candidate’s computer.

There are 6000 questions for 21 products at your disposal so as to create your own sets of questions and evaluate candidates’ skills.

  1. See the products-applications already covered by TEST4U
  2. What are Live in ates questions?
    "Live question" means that the test assesses the result of your answer, not the way of achieving it. TEST4U has gone beyond simple Live questions to propose a more advanced technology in scenario and interapplication questions (click here to read more).
  3. What’s a set of questions?
    The possibility of parameterizing TEST4U by creating your own sets of questions means that we can offer you the ways of adapting it to your company needs. Namely you may select for example 30 questions out of 6000 TEST4U available ones so as to evaluate your students or employees on them only.
  4. Is it possible to create my own questions?
    Certainly! There are four types of Quiz questions you may insert in your evaluation test. Our team can also create Live questions for you.
  5. How does evaluation actually takes place?
    Create one or more sets of questions adapted to the objectives of every evaluation process.
    There are more than 6000 questions to choose from. In case they do not cover your company needs, you can insert your own Quiz questions or the TEST4U team can actually program new Live questions for you.
    The next step is to inform candidates to participate in the evaluation test.
    Evaluations can be held either on-line or at a scheduled time and place.
  6. What kind of statistics are provided?
    Individual performance for every candidate, every question and every product is illustrated in TEST4U statistic charts.

Even if you want to evaluate your employees or give them the opportunity of continuing education through specialization in another field, TEST4U will provide you with the most effective and efficient solution.

You can download our demo to see how TEST4U works. Keep in mind that TEST4U can be customized to meet your needs.

If you have further questions, if you wish for an offer or if you want to see in practice how TEST4U will help you, do not hesitate to contact us.

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