IT Skills Improvement

TEST4U addresses to those who want to self-improve their skills without the guidance of a teacher.

TEST4U is the only preparatory software that you need in order to start and complete your education, because:

  • It includes more than 6000 questions at various levels of difficulty.
  • The questions are designed by a group of experienced IT professors.
  • TEST4U is constantly renewed! The continuous improvements of the past 17 years have made TEST4U the leader of the market.
  • If you don’t know how to solve an exercise you can watch a video solution which includes every step.
  • You become aware of your results as an absolute percentage, and compared to the results of your friends.
  • You can practice on TEST4U at your convenience, without having to attend classes.
  • You don’t need technical expertise, since TEST4U will self-adjust to the software version that is installed at your PC.
  • The beginners can start learning with our video-lessons; those who already have the basic skills can move directly to training (separate products).