Preparation for Examination Certification

TEST4U will help you prepare for a successful participation in the exams for the acquisition of a recognized computer certificate.

TEST4U will help you because:

  • When you achieve a score higher than 80% at TEST4U, you can take part in the exams with confidence! It will help you, the way it has already helped more than 700 000 candidates pass their exams, because it provides you with a broad image of your preparedness.
  • You can rely on TEST4U for the complete preparation of whichever certificate you would like to acquire: E.C.D.L. I.C.D.L. (new profile, core, start 5.0), Microsoft Certiport MOS, Infotest, DIPLOMA Business Office και DIPLOMA Basic Office, Vellum Cambridge, Acta, Key-cert, ICT, Globalcert.
  • It contains questions that cover 100% the syllabus of each module and are adapted not only to the level of difficulty of the exams, but also to the demanding everyday life.
  • It contains video-solutions for each question, which will help you understand what was wrong with your answer, in order to avoid repeating it.
  • It works exactly like the examination system; with the actual applications and not any simulation material. What advantage does this solution provide? It gives you the ability to solve the exercise the way it suits you best!
  • You will be familiarized with the examination environment, because the training environment of TEST4U is identical.