Create a report based on all fields of the All the customers query. Save the report as AllCustomersReport.


Delete the CustomersReport report.


Change the Report Header of the CustomersReport report from CustomersReport to Report for all our customers without changing format. Maximize the width of the textbox to display the whole new text. Save but do not close the report.


Move the textbox which displays the date =Now() within the open report, setting its possition in 0" from left and in 0" from top of the page footer.


On the text box which displays the text Customers Report in the current report change the font color of the text to Black, Text 1


Save and close the report.


Create a report based on the Products table that will display all of its fields in Tabular layout sorting the Description field in ascending order. Save the report as r1


Change the positions of the Code and Description fields in the R_Products report, so that the Description field is displayed first followed by Code field. Adapt their respective labels. Save and close the report.


Move the label which displays the text Products to 0" from top and 0" from left (within the current Section) in the R_Products report.
Then increase the label width to be equal to the report width. Also, set alignment to center. Save and close the report.


Delete both the Code text box from the Detail and its respective label in the R_Products report. Format the Price text box in Standard style with 2 decimal places. Save and close the report.


Create a new report which will be based on the query r_orders in which all the fields will appear. Grouping level based on the field CustomersCode. Ascending ordering according to Description, with summary of sum of the field TotalValue and sum of the field Quantity (show detail and summary without percentage calculations). Set the orientation of the report to Landscape. Save the report under the name r_orders and close it.


Insert one more text box in the CustomersCode footer section of the R_Orders report to display the average of the TotalValue field. Insert the same text box in Footer section of the report too. Make sure both of the boxes are displayed in 12pt Arial Black font. Save and close the report.


Create a report based on all fields of the r_orders query grouped by the CustomersCode field. The report will display the maximum of the TotalValue. Accept the default properties and save the report under the name All_Orders. Finally, close the report.


The data of the open report are grouped and sorted by CustomersCode in ascending order. Change the grouping field from CustomersCode to ItemCode and the sorting type from ascending to descending. Save and close the report.


Move the text box which displays the date, to the Report Footer of the R_Products report.


Create a new report named PerCustomer that will display all fields of the OrdersSummary query, grouped by Full Name and sorted by Date. Also display the average of the TotalValue field values for each customer.


A report is used …


If you wanted to print selected information from a table or query, which of the following objects would you use?