Navigate to the POWERPOINT 2000 slide. Then, apply the vertical blinds effect to the Secretariat image so that it is displayed automatically after previous.


Apply a [T=Random Bars Vertical] transition effect to all the slides of the presentation so that they switch fast without a mouse click but automatically 3 seconds after the slide show is run.


Apply the Dissolve trunicodetion effect to the last slide of the presentation only and use the following features: medium speed automatic display after 5 seconds without a mouse click.


Apply the Fly In From Bottom animation to the main text (not the Title) which appears in the 1st slide. Make sure it starts with a mouse click.


Apply the Checkerboard Across entrance effect to the title text of the 3rd slide and make sure it starts automatically with the previous one. Then apply the same effect and the same options to the text which appears in the main body of the slide and make sure it is displayed with a mouse click.