Create a new appointment in the calendar, with the subject DIPLOMA.
It should be for tomorrow and from 10:00 to 14:00.
As place set Conference Room.
Invite to the appointment Despina Lampropoulou.
Save the appointment and send the invitation.


Create a new meeting in your calendar with the subject DIPLOMA.

The meeting should take place in InfoCafe and should start at 11111111111 and last until 22222222222.

Invite Stelios Lampropoulos to the meeting.

Save the meeting and send the invitation.


Invite your contact Despina Lampropoulou to the appointment Summit. Save the appointment and send the invitation.


Your contact Stelios Lampropoulos sent you an invitation with the subject reunion. Accept it and send a response.


Locate the Briefing meeting and invite Despina Lambropoulou as optional participant and Stelios Lambropoulos as required participant. Then inform all participants.


Set 11111111111 as ending time of the Briefing meeting. Then inform the participants.


Define Pub as meeting place for the Recreation meeting. Save your changes.


Create an all-day event on 9/29/11111111111 with subject Professional Trip. Save and close the event.


Add Stelios Lampropoulos contact as optional participant in the Renew meeting. Then inform all participants.