Change the character spacing of the word Programs, which appear above the table, to 1.3pt expanded.


Change the character spacing of the word Programs, which appear above the table, to 1.3pt condensed.


Apply Heading 1 style to the first paragraph with the text (INFOWhat).


Apply Normal style to the word Programs at the top of the table.


Apply any strikethrough and shadow effect to the first word of the current document.


Select the text 888 of the second line and raise it by 3 points.


Modify the title cert4u video lessons of the current document using the following text effects: outline (solid line of any color), all letters capital and an underlining style including bulleted spaces.


Make sure the last line of the paragraph beginning Rebetika are songs par excellence..., which appears at the end of the current page, is never displayed on the next page by itself.

Then apply any shading on this paragraph and remove all borders.


Apply font shadow and small capital letters on the paragraph which begins with the phrase cert4u video lessons are the... Select the symbol which appears after the word cert4u in the same paragraph and apply superscript effect on it.


Apply red, 3pt, single line border on the second paragraph on the first page only on the upper and lower sides of the paragraph.


Apply the required format on the formula so that it is identical to the formula of the photo.


Apply strikethrough on the word computers and double strikethrough on the word Competitions.


In the already open document, apply raised position on the words The origins and lowered position on the words social and music.


Display the hidden text.


After typing the text Pink Floyd in the first line of the document, apply character spacing scale at 140%.


Make sure that the first letter of the first column is dropped. Use Arial font in 2 lines and a 0.1" distance from the text.