Apply the appropriate changes so as to maintain the unity of the table when changing pages, without deleting any of the empty lines appearing above the table or inserting new lines.


Convert the table of the document into text separated by semi colons.


Change the sum field format of the table so that it appears with two decimal places.


Make sure that the second column is also displayed on the embedded worksheet. Then, change the text Quest. which appears on the cell B1 into Questions.


The current document includes an embedded worksheet. Navigate to the cell B2 and change the text Quest into Questions

Make sure that the entire column B is displayed without changing the width of the rest of the columns.


Create a 5 rows and 2 columns table to display the text between the words Product and 300. Then, sort the entries which appear on the Questions column in descending order.


Insert a table with 5 rows and 3 columns. Set the column width to 1".


Align the table which appears on the first page on the right and set wrap text around.


Make sure the first line of the table is repeated on the upper part of every page.


Apply left vertical text direction (place text upwards) on the first cell of the first line of the table and right vertical text direction (place text downwards) on the last cell of the first line.


Split the table at the point you think it is more suitable.


Convert the table which appears on the page into text. Set the symbol # as text delimiter.


In the empty cell display the sum of the cells which appear on the left of it.


Insert the right formula on the last cell of the table to display the AVERAGE of the values which appear above it.


Calculate the total of expenses for fire extinguishers.