An Excel file named ex2010 is saved in IL-ates\Word folder on your desktop. Insert this excel file on the open document as object. Display it as icon.


At the end of the current document import, as a subdocument, the document named IL-ates0332_a of the IL-ates\Word folder of your desktop.


Compare the current document with IL-ates02 document of the IL-ates\Word folder of the desktop. Reject the deletion at IL-ates02 document and save it under the name IL-ates03 in the IL-ates\Word folder of the desktop.


Delete the TEST4U macro.


Delete the worksheet of the current document.


Delete the chart which appears on the worksheet of the current document.


Protect the current document (without a password), in a way that editing is possible only by using comments.


There is a dropdown list under the name Lessons. Insert the option Outlook Express and delete the option photoshop. Then, make sure the help text cert4u video-lessons appears when the user presses F1 and lock the form.


Insert a textbox as form field allowing user to enter only numbers on the right of the License number.

Use number (1) as default value, five (5) digits for maximum length and two decimal places (0.00) for format.

Then, make sure help text cert4u-License appears when the user presses F1.


Insert the items photoshop and autocad on the dropdown list. Then, delete the checkbox form field.


Record a macro to change the orientation of the document into landscape and page size into Letter. Save it only on the open document and use cert4u as name.


Create a subdocument that will contain the INFO-Start heading (as well as the total of its subheadings). Then, create another subdocument that will contain the INFO-Professional heading (and the total of its subheadings attached to it)


Compare the current document to the New file saved in the IL-ates\Files folder on your desktop. Make sure format changes are displayed in bright green color.


Apply the necessary adjustments so that the linked (Excel) spreadsheet is not automatically updated.


Set the Changes file saved in IL-ates\Excel folder of your desktop as source file of the linked spreadsheet.


Start a macro recording.


Record a macro to be executed when the document is opened, so that only the left page margin changes to 3".


Modify the myINFO macro so that the left margin of the page changes from 2,2" to 1".


Delete the myMargin macro.


Rename the mySpacing macro into absoluteGap. Save changes.


Make sure the TEST4U option is displayed first in the dropdown list. Then, insert the text Choose Product as help text to appear when F1 is pressed.


Display the help text of the textbox which appears next to the label Age.


Protect the form fields of the document using cert4u as password.


Forms in the current document have been protected with 1234 password. Deactivate this protection.