Insert a 3-D column chart in the Contest2 sheet to display the sales of the four companies for August, as they appear on the SALES worksheet. Change the color of the columns to blue, the shape of the columns to Full Pyramids (2) and the chart depth to 150.


Change the font color of the values on the horizontal axis into blue and the font size of the values on the vertical axis into 12.


Fill the columns of the chart using the image TEST4U.jpg located in the IL-ates\Excel folder on your desktop, without stretching it.


Modify the type of chart as to DELLA Data Series only. Apply a chart type of your choice.


Insert the MICRONA data for the first five months on the chart appearing in the SALES worksheet.

Then copy the chart to a new Word document, so that changes to the source chart are reflected to the chart on your Word document.


Create a 2-D pie chart (not exploded pie) on the active worksheet. Accept the default settings. Each pie piece would represent the product and quantity data appearing in the 2ndhour2 worksheet of the IL-ates1527.xlsx workbook located in the IL-ates\Excel file on the desktop.


You can see a pie chart on the 2ndhour2 worksheet. Rotate the chart so as to place the slice representing motherboard on the top.


Format the horizontal axis of the chart appearing on the 2ndhour2 worksheet, to set scale between 0€ and 16000€, font color in White, Background 1, Darker 50% and font size in 8pts. Display major units every 2000€ and outside minor ticks mark every 1000€.


Pull out all of the pie slices at the same distance from the center of the chart of the 2ndhour2 worksheet.


Pull out from the pie chart of the 2ndhour2 worksheet only the Motherboard and Screen pie slices.


Move the legend on the top of the chart appearing on the 2ndhour2 worksheet. Then, change its width to the maximum.


Make sure the legend of the chart appearing on the active spreadsheet is not displayed and increase the chart area as much as possible inside the chart.


Delete the Data Series of March displayed in the chart of the Graph worksheet.


Insert the Data Series of May in the chart appearing on the Graph worksheet.


Delete the IL-com company Data Series in the chart appearing on the Graph worksheet.


Set the Series Overlap in 40% and the Gap width in 60% on the active chart. Also change the rows order so that row JAN is in front, row FEB is in the middle and row MAR is at the back.


Navigate to the IL-ates\Excel folder on the desktop and find the image brick1.gif. Set the image as filling on JAN data of the chart. Repeat for FEB data with the image brick2.gif and for MAR data with the image brick3.gif. The images should not be stretched.


Fill the columns of the chart using the arrow image located in Sheet1. Then, delete the image.


Create a Clustered column Line on secondary axis chart in the Sheet1 worksheet deriving data from the cell range A1:C4.


Display the secondary axis of the data series Quantity.


Change the color of the Gladbach column to red