Navigate to the POWERPOINT 2000 slide. Then, apply the vertical blinds effect to the Secretariat image so that it is displayed automatically after previous.


Apply a [T=Random Bars Vertical] transition effect to all the slides of the presentation so that they switch without a mouse click but automatically 3 seconds after the slide show is run.


Apply the Dissolve trunicodetion only to the last slide of the presentation with the following features: it should have medium duration, and should appear automatically after 5 seconds without a mouse click.


Open the 3031 presentation from the IL-ates\powerpoint folder located on your desktop and activate the Show without animation and the using timings, if present options.


Start the slide show and cover the screen in black color. Do not close the slide show.


Apply the Zoom In Slightly animation and the sound of Explosion to the TEST4U photograph which appears on the current presentation. Make sure the photo dims in a color of your choice after the end of the animation.


Change the objects sequence of appearance so that the object Rectangle 2 appears first and the object Picture 3 appears 3 seconds later when the current presentation is run.


Apply Blinds Horizontal animation By Element in Series of the column chart which appears in the second slide. Also, do not start the animation by drawing the chart background.


Apply the Uncover Left effect, to the current slide only, to be automatically displayed with medium speed, 5 seconds after the slide is run.


Make sure Athens is displayed before New York in the animation effects.


Apply the Fly In - From Bottom - Left entrance effect to the three TEST4U logos. Make sure the effect advances with a mouse click on all of the objects at the same time.


Modify the animation effect of the object displayed on the slide so that it dims in any color of your choice after the end of the animation.


Insert the tada_new.wav audio file stored in the IL-ates\Files folder of your desktop at the bottom left corner of the slide (approximately). Then make sure the icon is automatically animated (fly in entrance effect) and the sound is automatically reproduced after the title of the slide is displayed.