Insert a new title slide into the current presentation. Type the text Report as title of the slide. Then make sure the first slide of the 3035 presentation that is located in the IL-ates\PowerPoint folder of your desktop, is displayed with a click on the title.


Select the title of the second slide and run the mymacro macro.


Deactivate the ruler and the Snap objects to grid option.


Show the grid and the drawing guides on the current presentation.


Insert an action in the chart which appears on the second slide of the current presentation, so that if you click the chart during the slide show, the students spreadsheet located in the IL-ates\Excel of your desktop is opened.


On the 2nd slide of the current presentation insert the test4u video stored in the IL-ates\Files folder on your desktop. Make sure the video is automatically reproduced 3 seconds after the slide show is run.


Insert an action button in the first slide of the current presentation so that the third slide appears when the user clicks it once.


When a user clicks the TEST4U photograph of the current presentation, he/she is transferred to the http://www.test4u webpage. Correct the URL into http://www.test4u.gr