Copy the 2ndhour2 sheet to a new document with the same name. Then, save the new document as test.ods to the IL-ates\OO_Calc folder on your desktop.


Insert a new worksheet after the SALES worksheet and before the 2ndhour2 sheet and name it SALES 2003.


Rename the sheets of the active workbook as follows:

Sheet1: Income

Sheet2: Expenses

Sheet3: Total

Insert the value 1000 in cell A1 of the Income worksheet.

Insert the value 500 in cell A1 of the Expenses sheet.


Display the difference between the value appearing in cell A1 of the Income worksheet and the value in cell A1 of the Expenses worksheet (NOT 1000-500), in A1 cell of the Total worksheet.


If a cell value in Income or in Expenses worksheet changes, the value displayed on the Total worksheet should change as well.


Rename the Sheet3 worksheet to SheetFor2004 and delete the Sheet2 worksheet.


Set the order of the sheets as follows:

1) mySheetFor2004

2) mySheet2

3) mySheetFor2005

4) mySheet1.


Make a copy of the SALES worksheet and move it after the 2ndhour2 worksheet.


Move the SALES worksheet of the a file so that it is displayed first in the b file already opened.


Rename the Sheet3 worksheet to SheetFor2004


Select the FF1, FF2 and FF4 spreadsheets.


Select all sheets of the workbook and print them to the default printer.


A nice practice we can apply when naming worksheets is to...