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It returns information about the current operating environment .

The syntax of the function is the following:


type_text: The type of information we need.

“directory”The path of the current folder
“numfile”The number of active worksheets in the open workbooks
“origin”Returns the absolute cell reference of the top and leftmost cell visible in the window, based on the current scrolling position, as text prepended with “$A:”.
“osversion”The version (as text) of the current operating system.
“recalc”The recalculation mode (“Automatic” or “Manual”)
“release”The version (as text) of Excel
“system”The name of the operating Environment (Macintosh=”mac”, Windows=”pcdos”)

Here is an example of how to use the INFO function:

Use the proper function in the cell Α1 to display the current folder or directory.

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