Locate the record where the value of the MovieName field of the Movies table is set to MATRIX Reloaded and change it to MATRIX REVOLUTIONS.

On the same record change the value of the Retail Price field from 70 to 80. Save the record.


Insert one more field named notes in the Movies table. Make sure the field is set to hold a text of 1000 or more characters. Save and close the table.


Change the header text Customers Form of the open form to Partners and apply Times New Roman, 12pt, bold and italics font. Save and close the form.


Delete all criteria of the current query. Save and close the query.


Among the Microsoft Office applications which are open, terminate Microsoft Access only.


Apply a validation rule to the RetailPrice field in the Movies table to allow entering only prices equal to or higher than 2 and equal to or lower than 100. When the user types different prices, the system will return the message Acceptable values from 2 to 100

Save and close the table.


Delete the Movies table.


Delete the All the customers query.


A form is already open. Change the view to Design View.


Save and close the report.


Go to the previous record.


Create a one-to-one relationship between the Code fields of the Products and the ProductsPhoto tables. Do NOT enforce the referential integrity.


Use the open form to enter a new record with the following values:

Code: 888771

Description: All Time Classic

Price: 888772

Save the record but do not close the form.


Open the ProductForm form and locate the record which displays a product Description which begins with VIPER 500.


Create a new query that will use the Description and Price fields from the Products table and the FileRoot field of the ProductsPhoto table. Apply a criterion to the FileRoot field to retrieve all records which contain a photo. Make sure that when the query is executed the Description and Price fields only (following this order) are displayed. Save the query as q1 and close it.


Apply sorting by Price in a descending order to the Products table. Save and close the table.


Print the whole R_Products report to the default printer.


Create a new table to display the following fields:

1st field:Name: Code,type of data: AutoNumber

2nd field:Name: FirstName,type of data: Text.

3rd field:Name: Information,type of data: Memo.

Save the table as Names and close it.


Create a blank form named StartForm. Insert a button to display the text Customers, which will open the Customers form and will display all of its records, when the user clicks it. Insert another button to display the text Orders, which will open the Orders form.


Export the Customers table to the IL-ates folder of your desktop, as data.xml, in xml format.


Modify the Orders20 query that is already open to retrieve only the products of a price lower than or equal to 50 euros that have been ordered on 01/30/2004.


How can we open the help of Microsft Access application?


When we create a relationship between two tables we can ...


A database is a(n)…


A primary key allows the user to …


A change in the length of a text field from 10 to 6 characters will


Which is the fastest way to print a report to the default printer?


Among the following, who can enter, preserve and retrieve data in a database?


If you wanted to print selected information from a table or query, which of the following objects would you use?


How would you reduce the number of duplicates in a database?