In the Customers table insert a new field named Sex, in Number data type and byte field size. The user should be able to choose either Male or Female (where Male=1, Female=2). Numbers will not be displayed. Save and close the table.


Create a report based on all fields of the r_orders query grouped by the CustomersCode field. The report will display the maximum of the TotalValue. Accept the default properties and save the report under the name All_Orders. Finally, close the report.


Create a relationship between the IDCustomer field of the Customers table and the CustomerID field of Orders table. Enable the referential integrity.


Create a new query that will display all fields from the Products table and any records where the Description field value contains the phrase MATRIX Y AUTO

The Y character may be any character. Make sure there is an empty space before and after the Y character. Use the like operator. Save the query.


Remove the Input Mask from the PC field of the Customers table and set the appropriate property to require data entry in this field. Save and close the table.


Create a new query named max_q to display the maximum quantity contained in the Orders table. Use the text max1 as name of the calculated field.


Locate the Detail section of the ProductForm form and insert a new text box without control source (Unbound).


Create a new query named insert2 to add a new record in the Products table with the following data (use command VALUES):

Code=1, Description=myproduct, Price=100

Run the query.


Export the Products table to the IL-ates\Files folder of your desktop, in Excel 97 - Excel 2003 Workbook file format, and save it as book1.xls.


Insert a new field named email as hyperlink in the Customers table. Also apply lowercase format and save the changes.


Modify the PhotosJPG query to retrieve only the records which display a file path which begins with C:\

Save the result of the query as PhotosJPGonC to a new table.


Change the Option Button of the Customers form to Check Box. Save the changes.


Apply the appropriate changes to the database to allow entering exam dates, that is to say being able to enter the exam date on every module for every student. Make sure a student is allowed to pass an exam test more than once but not in the same day. Enter an Internet exam entry for student Stelios Lambropoulos on 2/27/2014 and a Windows exam entry for student Kostas Goutoudis on 3/13/2014.


Create a report similar to the one displayed in the Exercise.pdf file stored in the IL-ates\Access folder of your desktop. Use the Income14.txt file stored in the same folder as linked table. Make sure the date displayed in the footer is always the current one. Save the database.


What is the best layout to use in order to insert the clients' phone numbers?