What is the best layout to use in order to insert the clients' phone numbers?


If the necessary fields are too many, what is the most suitable structure to use in a database?


What is the most suitable structure to record a customer category with the Retail, Wholesale and Distributor options?


You have created a query that calculates the sales turnover for every customer. Data included in the database are so many that the query needs 30 seconds to be fully executed. You use this query often within a day, but only use the data up to the day before today. What is more preferable?


Microsoft Access tables allow the use of a primary key …


Products available for sale are displayed in a brochure. Every product corresponds to a Code e.g. 12345-US. If you had to record these products in a database, what kind of structure/layout would you prefer?


Can this structure prevent the input of two different products with the same ItemCode?


Is it possible to prevent a customer from ordering the same product twice, using the current structure?


Assuming you use the above structure to enter information on the continents. What field size would you apply to the continent_id field?


Assuming you enter sales in the Sales table. Product prices are saved to the Products table. Is it necessary that the product price is also saved to the Sales table when a new sale is entered?