Insert the symbol ® in the end of the word cert4u appearing in the document Heading.


Navigate from Desktop to IL-ates\Word folder and open the image Exercise.jpg.

Then apply all necessary formats in the document which appears on your screen, so that it looks like the document which appears on Exercise.jpg image. You don’t need to create red frames and arrows; they appear only for your instructions.


Navigate from Desktop to IL-ates\Word folder and open the file Exercise.pdf. Then apply all necessary formats on the document which appears on your screen, so that it looks like the document which appears on file Exercise.pdf.

The paragraph is exactly centered both horizontally and vertically.


Open IL-ates0103.docx document to be found in IL-ates\Word folder on the desktop and save it as document template under the name IL-ates0103.dotx in the same folder.


Change the header text from Computer School to Certified Studies


Hyphenate automatically the current document, with a limit of 3 consecutive hyphens.


Open the Microsoft Word application.


Change the word Estia which appears in the first paragraph to small caps.


The first paragraph begins with the text It has been suggested that the origins of rebetiko...

Remove bold and single underline style of the word rebetiko, change font into Times New Roman, apply Dark Blue color and Yellow Highlight.


Apply right alignment on the paragraph beginning with the text It has been suggested that the origins of rebetiko...


Adjust the spacing between the second paragraph and the previous one (spacing before) to 6pt.


Apply justified alignment to the second paragraph, indentation of the first line in 0,5", line spacing in 1.5 lines and adjust spacing from the first paragraph (spacing before) to 10 points.


Apply numbered outline to the text Chapter A to Chapter C so that the text Chapter A is on the first level, the text unit one to unit two on the second level and the text Chapter B to Chapter C on the first level. Then, change format of levels so that number style of the first level is uppercase Latin numerals (ex. I, II, III) with a right insertion, and the number style to the second level is lowercase Latin numerals (ex. i, ii, iii) with a right insertion.


Insert two (2) tab stops: the first one in 0,5" with left alignment and the second one in 5,5" with right alignment.

Then, write the text:

Despoina Lampropoulou at the first tab stop and the text Head of Secretary Division at the second tab stop.

Also, insert the following texts on the second line of the document:

Kostas Goutoudis at the first tab and Head of the Developing Department at the second tab.


Save the current document under the file name test.htm and type Web Page (not filtered) in IL-ates\Word folder found on the desktop.


Delete the first line of the document


Change the view of the document into Print Layout.


Create a new recipient list with the following fields:

First Name, Last Name

Then enter the following information:

First Name Last Name
Theodoros Tzounas
Antonios Lambropoulos
Nikitas Goutoudis

Then save the recipient list under the name colleagues in IL-ates\Word folder on the desktop.


Change the size of the picture to 2" height and 6" width.


Insert a 3x3 Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in the current document with the following data:


Print the first 4 pages in 3 copies displaying 2 pages per sheet.


Apply any page border.


Delete the manual page break.


Merge the cells which display the text According to the program.


Insert a 16-Point Star.


Select the cell of the table with the text 70 hours at the 1st page of the current document and apply

White Background 1, Darker 15% shading



Go to the end of the document and change the bullet format to square.


Use the Find command to locate the second appearance of the word songs. Leave the word selected.


Change the outside border (not the grid) of the table to 3 pt red, equal size, double line style.


Insert the gemini symbol before the word Gemini, using wingdings font.