Insert the symbol at the end of the word cert4u which appears in the document Heading.


Create a new document, using Microsoft Word application and type the text below, using Arial Font, size 12pt, bold and italics.



888th, V. Olgas

Thessaloniki 54645


Then leave two empty lines. Insert a 3 rows and 2 columns table to display the following data:


TitleDurationINFO-start70 hoursINFO-advanced50 hours


The words INFO-start and INFO-advanced should be red. The words Title and Duration should be bold and italic.

At the end of the table insert a manual page break.


Insert the text Photos, center-aligned, bold and underlined on the new page.

Insert the photo tsitsanis.jpg, saved in the IL-ates\Files folder on your Desktop on the next line and align it in center.


Insert right aligned page numbers on the footer on the whole document.

Insert the text INFOWhat on the left part of the header. Save the document as test1.docx to the IL-ates\Files folder on your Desktop and exit the application.


Change the paper size to A4.


Change the indentation of the first line of the paragraph which begins with the phrase INFOWhat is the only computer school... to 0,25".


Insert the text INFO-business in the first cell of the empty row of the table, the text according to the program in the following cell and the text OAED (program 0,45), Web Design in the last one.

Apply dark blue color in the phrase INFO-business which appears on the table.


Apply bold writing on the first word of the text.


Apply double line spacing to the second paragraph.


Remove numbering from the text Chapter Four to Chapter Six.


Insert two tab stops on the first line of the document. The first one should be inserted at 1" with left alignment. The second one should be inserted at 5" using right alignment and bullet leader (2).

Then insert the following texts:

First Chapter in the first tab and the number 5 in the second tab.


Select the paragraph that begins with the text It has been suggested that the origins of rebetiko... and apply blue shading.


Move the text 888 Vas.Olgas under the text Thessaloniki 54645


Print the first page of the document.


Apply Normal style to the word Programs at the top of the table.


Navigate to the table of the first page of the current document and remove all borders. Then apply single outside border of 6pt width.


There is an image at the end of the current document. Select it.


In the current blank document insert the following text:

Meals rich in proteins: meat, legumes, fish. I think I will have a bit of everything.


Change the height of the current shape to 3,5", the width to 3" and the rotation to 30 degrees.


The current document is already set as the main document of Mail Merging and is already linked to the source data file. Complete the Mail Merge to a new document for all merging records.


Print odd pages only.


Display the page number at the center of the footer of the current document. Use insert page field option.


Open the template1.dotx template and replace the text TEST4U with the text cert4u. Save it as template2.dotx.


Insert a text box.


Insert a new row at the end of the table.


Insert a tab stop with left alignment on 3,5" and make sure that the text star sign is aligned at this point.


How can we open the help of Microsoft Word application?


Microsoft Word provides you with an option to use one of its numerous online templates when you create a new document.


The Goto Option is the fastest way of navigating inside a large Word document.


What’s the name of the file containing names (data) in mail merge?


The total appearance of our text is affected by….


The correct way to insert a page break is ...