Remove the secondary document IL-ates0333_a.doc.


Create a new subdocument based on the heading The Athenian song. Save changes.


Insert the following (legacy) form fields into the document:

On the right of the Patient Name and Surname a text form field.

On the right of the Type of insurance a drop-down form field with the following entries: IKA, OGA, TEBE.

On the right of the Telephone No insert a text form field with default number 888771 and a help text emergency telephone No to be activated by F1 key.

On the left of the words Salt, Fat, Smoking and Rye bread the check box form fields.

Then, protect the form and save the document.


Insert the Name and the Last name in the proper fields.

Patient's name Jane

Patient's last name Tzouna

Turn on the check box form fields Salt, Fat, Smoking and Rye bread.


Delete the Name and the Last Name text form fields.


Use a macro to record only the change of the left and right margin of the page in 2,6". Save the macro as horizontal. The macro should be available only for the current document.


Run the macro myblue1 to the word Apper of the first paragraph.


Record a new macro with the name mymacro1 that would switch the bold state of the selected text. Make sure that it can be used in any new document (Normal.dotm).


Insert a Drop-Down Form Field after the word INFOlearn with the following data:

Then lock the form.


Remove the cert4u item from the form field.


Try to create a form identical to the form of the image which appears in the document.


The points of three major football teams are displayed on the embedded worksheet. Change the Gladbach points into 45.


Insert a chart with the data displayed on the table and the default settings, using the Microsoft Graph Chart object.


Change the Gladbach column fill color into a different one. Save the file.


Apply tight wrap and right side horizontal alignment (as to the margin) on the chart of the document.


Apply the Heading 1 style on the text Origins and the Heading 2 style on the texts IN THE 1960s and Final Words of the current document.

Then set the texts which appear between IN THE 1960s and Companion to Music as well as between Final Words and dead? as respected subdocuments.

Save the master document as Origins to a new folder with the name TEST4UFolder which you will create on your desktop.


Copy the NewMacros2 macro from the current document to Normal.dotm.