Apply Heading 1 style to the first paragraph with the text (INFOWhat).


Put the cursor on the left of the text All "Greek" songs...

Insert a column break at this point.


Insert the current date by inserting a field with the format M/d/yyyy in the empty line after the second paragraph.


Append the word music on the footnote, on the right of the phrase www.rebetiko.gr


Insert the following (legacy) form fields into the document:

On the right of the Patient Name and Surname a text form field.

On the right of the Type of insurance a drop-down form field with the following entries: IKA, OGA, TEBE.

On the right of the Telephone No insert a text form field with default number 888771 and a help text emergency telephone No to be activated by F1 key.

On the left of the words Salt, Fat, Smoking and Rye bread the check box form fields.

Then, protect the form and save the document.


Print even pages only.


Create a new paragraph style based on the normal style, using verdana, dark blue colored font. Name the new style INFOlearn2.


There is a footer in the document. Insert a field displaying the size of the document in kB in the center of it.


There is a design in the lower right part of the page. Insert a rectangle that looks like the design which appears in the upper left side of the page.

Then group the three shapes.

Ungroup the design which appears on the upper left side of the page and apply weave pattern on the rectangle.


Set KdSp as password for opening and modifying the current document.


Change the Tab-delimited Text into a three columns table.


Apply the Heading 1 style on the text Origins and the Heading 2 style on the texts IN THE 1960s and Final Words of the current document.

Then set the texts which appear between IN THE 1960s and Companion to Music as well as between Final Words and dead? as respected subdocuments.

Save the master document as Origins to a new folder with the name TEST4UFolder which you will create on your desktop.


Delete the displayed wordart.


Insert a formula on the right of the Total Questions cell so as to calculate the total of the questions.

Then, sort in descending order the number of the questions which appear from the third to the sixth line and align the text TEST4U at the center of the first line.


Lock the field which displays the name of the author on the right part of the footer.


The current document includes an embedded worksheet. Navigate to the cell B2 and change the text Quest into Questions

Make sure that the entire column B is displayed without changing the width of the rest of the columns.


Use the entries from the 3rd to the 6th line of the table to create a clustered column chart. (Microsoft Graph Chart)

Use Black, Text 1 borders, display value data type and display a legend on the bottom part of the chart.

Make sure there is gap of any width between the columns.

Place the chart just under the table.


Insert a footnote to display the text cert4u video-lessons, right after the text familiar environment on the paragraph which begins with the phrase The students of....

Use small Latin numerals for footnote number format.


Navigate to the last page of the document and insert a classic style Table of Contents using bullets as tab leader just under the text Table of Contents.

Then insert a page break just after the text Taming Templates by Nate Keyes which appears on the first page of the document.

Navigate to the text Free technical support solutions to Office application questions which appears on the 5th page and apply the same style as the one used for the heading Office Online video demos (which appears above the text). Then update the table of contents.


Use track changes to accept all changes performed on the text.

Then replace the word Greece with the word Hellas in the paragraph which begins with the text It has been suggested....

Make sure only this change is visible in the document.


Record a macro to change the orientation of the document into landscape and page size into Letter. Save it only on the open document and use cert4u as name.


Complete mail merge on a new document under the name WOMEN and save it to the IL-ates\Files folder on your desktop. Letters are addressed only to women coming from Germany. Apply ascending sorting by student Surname.


After typing the text Pink Floyd in the first line of the document, apply character spacing scale at 140%.


Insert border only on the upper and left side of the first paragraph.


Display a line between columns on the paragraph formatted in two column layout.


Demote the paragraph which begins with the phrase From the establishment... from the fifth level to the seventh level.


Insert the comment INFOlearn on the first word. Make sure it is displayed in a yellow frame.


Insert a new entry:

student name: Pavlos

student surname: Tsakalidis

into the recipient list which is already linked to the current document. Then complete mail merge to a new Word document.


Make sure the TEST4U option is displayed first in the dropdown list. Then, insert the text Choose Product as help text to appear when F1 is pressed.