Convert the table of the document into text separated by semi colons.


Remove the hyperlink of the first word of the document (INFOWhat) without deleting the text.


An Excel file named ex2010 is saved in IL-ates\Word folder on your desktop. Insert this excel file on the open document as object. Display it as icon.


Select the whole document and apply two column layout.

Next, insert a column break on the left of the text From the establishment of the neo-Hellenic state up.


Deactivate correction of TWo INitial CApitals and replacement of the text as you type from the AutoCorrect dialog window.


Change the direction of the text 1905-1972, so that it is placed on the right of the picture and has an upwards orientation.


Accept all the suggested changes in the document.


Create a new subdocument based on the heading The Athenian song. Save changes.


Change mark of the footnote to (normal text, character code: unicode=00B6, ASCII=0182)


Print the first 4 pages in 3 copies displaying 2 pages per sheet.


Create a new paragraph style based ïn the normal style, using 20pt, Verdana, dark red colored font. Name the new style TEST4U.


At the beginning of the document create a Table of Contents with the default settings.


Use a macro to record only the change of the left and right margin of the page in 2,6". Save the macro as horizontal. The macro should be available only for the current document.


There is a footnote in the document. Change the footnote text into Markos Vamvakaris was born in 1905

Then insert a new footnote to display the text Vasilis Tsitsanis was the composer of Synnefiasmeni Kyriaki at the end of Vasilis Tsitsanis name.


Suppose that you want to create an index. Mark the words Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Excel from the table on the first page. Then, create a modern style index at the end of the document.


Protect the current document (without a password), in a way that editing is possible only by using comments.


Perform the following actions:

1) insert a section break on the next page before the text After the Catastrophe in Asia ...

2) select the text of the first page and apply a two columns layout. Make sure the two columns are of equal width and allow 0,7" space between them.


Delete the bookmark cert4u displayed on the text INFOWhat. Then, create a new bookmark for the sentence which begins with the phrase The students of INFOWhat using INFOlearn as bookmark name.


Insert a notched right arrow (), on the left of the image TEST4U, pointing towards the image TEST4U. Insert the text TEST4U inside the arrow using 12pt Arial font and center alignment.

Then apply blue fill and 3pt solid line borders.


Make sure the text of the current document appears behind text on the total of the existing pages (as well as on those added in the future). Location of the text is irrelevant. Then save it as template in the IL-ates folder using Report as template name.


Insert a blue square on the current document. Place it one level in front of the circle and one level behind the triangle. Then group the objects.


Apply 7,92" height and 4,22" width on the text box. Then, apply two colors fill: light blue and light green. Make sure type is linear (direction is irrelevant).


Create a Wordart object using the text Hello and make sure it appears behind the text on the total of the existing pages (as well as on those added in the future). The location of the text is irrelevant. Then save it as template in the IL-ates folder on your desktop under the name Report.


Link the two textboxes so that the text inserted in the left textbox continues in the right one. Then, create a textbox, place the text INFOWhat-ates has evolved into TEST4U in it and move it under the right textbox.


Replace the word computer with the word PC as many times as it appears in the entire text using track changes.

Replace the word program with the word application as many times as it appears in the paragraph which begins with the phrase INFOWhat is the only....

Make sure the above changes are visible on the text (display both new entries and deleted words next to them).


Apply INFOlearn style on the paragraph of the text which begins with the phrase INFOWhat is the only...


Change the current picture color to grayscale.


Print only the List of markup of the document.


Convert all footnotes to endnotes and all endnotes to footnotes.


Calculate the total of expenses for fire extinguishers.