Third time’s a Charm :) – 4 Kinds Of Hiring Data You Need To Be Tracking

3. …as well as what can be measured.

Our experience shows that the most reliable metrics are the ones that can be properly and objectively measured. It is easier and less subjective to focus on hard skills. Skills such as “how well somebody can use Excel” can be a reliable metric, especially when it comes to productivity at the workplace, so it can be hard to ignore.

Everybody knows that soft skills are really important. However, it is so hard to measure them, let alone to get honest responses from candidates, that the attempt to get any metrics usually is not worthwhile.

Stelios Lambropoulos, Product Manager, TEST4U


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Well done Kornilios :)

How to become an IoT developer: 6 tips

By 2020, there will be a projected 20 billion Internet of Things devices in the world. Here’s how to get your start building connected things.

There are four stages in developing an IoT device, according to Kornilios Ampatzis, a software developer at InfoLearn:

  • Assembly of the physical hardware: This requires engineering skills, and is usually not completed by a developer. Most IoT devices use primarily pre-assembled boards and sensors connected on them.
  • Programming the device: This requires programming skills to read the data from the sensors connected on the IoT device, and send them to the server.
  • Programming the server that will receive and store the data from the device: This requires the use of server side languages, like PHP, ASP.NET or Node.js, and database queries based on MySQL or some other SQL derivative.
  • Displaying data to the device user: This involves creating the web page or app that will depict the collected data to the user, which requires web development knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, or another framework.

“Usually a developer is not responsible for all those stages,” Ampatzis said. “So, in order to specify on how to get started on a career in the field, first they have to decide on which stage of the development process they want to get aboard.”

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UBER Analytics Test 3.1 & 6.16

UBER Analytics Test 3.1 & 6.16

Ridesharing is not a new idea. From time to time we have all shared a ride with friends or colleagues to reduce the cost of our transportation.

UBER put this idea into practice with the help of technology and started to provide a service which -in less than 8 years- has spread around the world.

It is currently valued at $60 billion, which is the highest value for a startup in history.

Despite all the voices against this kind of service, UBER has managed to change the rules in public transport.


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TEST4U – Data Analysis

TEST4U – Data Analysis
Being a data analyst requires a variety of skills in Excel.

If you dream of working as an analyst, but you lack a few skills in order to master MS-Excel, TEST4U Data Analyst is the ultimate know-how interactive tutor!

We have equipped TEST4U with the following, in order to help you acquire these valuable skills:

We will help you learn the usage of more than 180 Excel functions, about:
Text manipulation
Mathematical calculation
Logical decisions
All the lookup functions you can use to retrieve data from your sheets
Almost all the financial functions and
Almost all the statistical functions Excel has to offer
You will learn about array and multi-sheet formulas, which will give you the needed flexibility to use data from multiple sources.



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TEST4U wins four (4) Oscars

Μεγάλος νικητής των OSCAR αναδείχτηκε το TEST4U, αποσπώντας βραβεία σε τέσσερις (4) κατηγορίες:

OSCAR καλύτερου εκπαιδευτικού διαδραστικού λογισμικού
OSCAR καλύτερων βιντεομαθημάτων
OSCAR καλύτερης τεχνικής υποστήριξης
OSCAR καλύτερης εξυπηρέτησης πελατών
Σας ευχαριστούμε!


Αφιέρωμα του περιοδικού HR Professional για το e-learning!

Η infolearn και το TEST4U δεν θα μπορούσαν να λείπουν από το αφιέρωμα του περιοδικού HR Professional για το e-learning!
HR Professional, τεύχος 128, σελίδα 52: «e-learning: η επόμενη μέρα», άρθρο του κ. Στέλιου Λαμπρόπουλου, συν-ιδρυτή της infolearn-TEST4U.
Όσοι δεν είστε συνδρομητές μπορείτε να διαβάσετε το άρθρο εδώ:



Στην infolearn δουλεύουμε σαν το σκυλί για να έχετε το καλύτερο προϊόν. Το TEST4U.

Στην infolearn δουλεύουμε σαν το σκυλί για να έχετε το καλύτερο προϊόν. Το TEST4U.
Δείτε την διαφήμιση μας στην εφημερίδα “CERTIFICATION NEWS” και θυμηθείτε τα λόγια του Τόμας Τζέφερσον: «Οι δ2016-02-17-Dog-Newspaper_smallιαφημίσεις είναι το μοναδικό αληθινό κομμάτι μιας εφημερίδας»