UBER Analytics Test 3.1 & 6.16

UBER Analytics Test 3.1 & 6.16

Ridesharing is not a new idea. From time to time we have all shared a ride with friends or colleagues to reduce the cost of our transportation.

UBER put this idea into practice with the help of technology and started to provide a service which -in less than 8 years- has spread around the world.

It is currently valued at $60 billion, which is the highest value for a startup in history.

Despite all the voices against this kind of service, UBER has managed to change the rules in public transport.


This is why there are thousands of applicants trying to get a job inside UBER.

The applications for these jobs begun to grow exponentially, so UBER decided to create an interview process so as to start “thinning out the herd”.

Thus, the UBER Analytics Test was created. It consists of 32 questions, 4 of which are essay questions. The remaining 28 are questions that require a specific skillset in order to be answered within the 2-hour time limit of the test.

This skillset requires consists of simple-to advanced math, and basic-to advanced knowledge of Excel or similar software. It also requires an extensive knowledge of UBER and how it works.
This test is extremely hard, and it requires studying for. Being an Excel guru doesn’t mean that you are sure to ace the test, since the test uses specific UBER terminology and most of the questions are based on existing UBER services. This is knowledge that you need to master before the actual test.

Through the years, this test process has evolved and it is currently
on version 6.16.

We the TEST4U team, have realized that there is a need for a complete Training system for the Uber Analytics Test, so we have created the UBER Analytics Test, preparatory course.

This course, is offered completely free, for the present time, so feel free to try it out

TEST4U UBER Analytics Test v.3.1 & v.6.16


It is targeted to people, who have, at least, the basic skills in Excel, and it covers the versions 3.1 & 6.16 of the UBER Analytics test.

This course consists of live questions, similar to the ones an applicant will have to face during his UBER Analytics Test. This means that the trainee will have to answer these questions, by using the actual Microsoft Excel application. Therefore, the applicant will be more prepared for the actual test.

Each question is accompanied by a brief video lesson which provides a way to properly answer it.

The course also includes multiple choice questions similar to the ones of in the actual test.

In order to answer all these questions, a trainee must be accustomed to the way UBER works, as well as to the specific terminology used. Therefore, we have created three PowerPoint presentations to accompany our course, so as to provide you with this invaluable knowledge.

• The first presentation explains the interview process and what to expect on each of its steps.

• The second presentation contains all the terminology and the vocabulary found in the UBER Analytics Test.

• The third presentation includes a lot of sample essay questions. Essay questions are part of UBER Analytics Test, but they may be also asked during the face to face interviews.

Essay questions SHOULD be answered subjectively. The applicant should avoid repetition and plagiarism during the test, because it will ultimately impact negatively the applicants’ chances to succed.

We encourage you to process all this material, along with other specialized material you may encounter. Taking the UBER test is a challenging experience and you will need all the help you can get.

We wish you all the best for this ride!

The TEST4U Team

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